Essential Blends is a practice-research podcast hosted by Adriana Minu and Kevin Leomo, who interview artists and researchers about their journeys. 

What is it?  

Essential Blends is a podcast created by us, Adriana Minu and Kevin Leomo, two practice based PhD researchers in music at the University of Glasgow. The podcast aims to bring forward other artist practitioners from various disciplines, both within and outwith academia, in order to uncover some possibilities of practice that others might find inspiring. The format is conversational and informal. Alongside the conversation, we’ve asked our guests to compile short audio sections that expose their practice directly – this section is compiled separately so that it can speak for itself. 

Why are we doing this? 

As artist-researchers at an early stage (once you finish your PhD you’re still an early career researcher) we think it’s important to gain an insight into the artistic journeys of people that have gained experience making art over the years. We are keen to expose the often unseen part of having a sustainable practice, the biggest milestones, low points, as well as what other randomness life has brought along the way. Success stories are often not straight forward and it is these meanders and tangents we are keen to learn more about. We thank our guests for their generosity and openness and hope you enjoy the show. 

This podcast is sponsored by the University of Glasgow College of Arts Community Building and Public Engagement Fund. Podcast logo by Wanda Hutira.

Episode 2

Lucy Dhegrae

Episode 3

Mark Vernon

Diljeet converses with Kevin.

Episode 4

Diljeet Bhachu

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